History of SUT

Shenyang University of Technology (former Shenyang Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering) is an institution of higher learning which is currently under co-management of Ministry of Education and Liaoning province.


Shenyang University of Technology is formerly known as the technical school of the Northeast Mechanical Authority established in 1949.

In Sep. 1949, SUT is renamed as the machinery vocational school of the Industrial and Mechanical Authority.

In Aug. 1950, SUT is changed into a specialized secondary school and renamed as the vocational high school of the Industrial and Mechanical Authority, began to enroll new students nationwide.

In Oct. 1952, SUT is moved to Changchun city and renamed as Mechanical and Industrial School, further renamed as Changchun Machine Manufacturing School.

In May 1955, approved by the First Ministry of Machinery Industry, SUT is moved back to Shenyang and renamed as Shenyang Machine Manufacturing School.

In Aug. 1958, with the national economic construction and development of education, SUT is promoted from secondary school to engineering university which was under management of Shenyang. In the same year, SUT was incorporated with Shenyang Amateur School of Mechanics and Shenyang Amateur School of Engineering, and was further incorporated with Tiexi University of Technology in 1959.

In 1979, SUT started to recruit the first session of graduate students.

In 1981, two subjects of Casting and Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Technology first obtained the right to grant master’s degree, and other undergraduate subjects obtained bachelor’s degree granting.

In 1984, approved by Ministry of Education, correspondence education was launched facing students nationwide and 65 correspondence stations were established in 25 provinces, cities or autonomous regions.


On June 10, 1985, Liaoning Provincial People’s Government and Ministry of Machinery Industry started to operate joint school of Shenyang Institute of Electrics and Mechanics which was further renamed SUT.

In Feb. 1988, approved by National Mechanical Committee, the adult education college was established.

In Oct. 1990, approved by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, SUT was listed as a new doctor degree granting unit, motor subject obtained the right for Ph.D. granting, professor Tang Renyuan as the doctoral tutor.

In 1996, electrical subject obtained the right for Ph.D. granting.

In 1998, Material Processing Engineering discipline was authorized for Ph.D. granting. In the same year, the adjustment on professional subjects catalogue was implemented, 3 doctoral programs were merged into 2: Motor and Electrical, Materials Processing Engineering.

From 1992, several laboratories and institutes were approved as engineering and technology centers or key laboratories of Ministry of Education, province or city.

From 2000, SUT started carrying out international cooperation in running school, firstly organized a “2+2” successive undergraduate program in computer science and technology subject in cooperation with the University of Luton. In Oct. 2001, Chinese-foreign educational agreement of cooperative education to cultivate Bachelor of business with Griffith University was signed, in the same year, recruit was started on subjects of International Economy and Trade and International Accounting. The institute of international education, in which international cooperation projects were centralized, was established in 2002. In 2003, the Degree Management Office of State Council approved the cooperative Master of Business Administration (MBA) project of our school and the Benedictine University of USA, hence in June 2004, the first batch of students enrolled.

In 2001, the establishment of doctoral research station on Electrical Engineering was approved, Motor and Electrics was promoted to national key discipline.

In Dec. 2001, professor Tang Renyuan was elected National Academy of engineering.

In Feb. 2002, the original Liaoyang Petrochemical College was merged into our school as Liaoyang Campus of Shenyang University of Technology.

On Nov. 8th, 2002, the National Ministry of Science and Technology approved the formation of research center on Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Engineering.

On Jan. 25th, 2006, after the tenth degree authorization by the State Council, 2 new doctor selects were added: Mechanical Design and Theory, Measurement Technology and Instrumentation. In the same year, 5 new master station of national key discipline was added: Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Business Administration. In addition, 16 regular master station was added: Vehicle Engineering, Fluid Machinery and Engineering, Precision Instrumentation and Mechanism, Signal and Information Processing, Applied Mathematics, Condensed Matter Physics, Applied Chemistry, Structural Engineering, Engineering Mechanics, Technological and Economic Management, Tourism Management, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Civil Law and Commercial Law, Research on Marxism Chinese-Characterization, Chemical Technology and Biomedical Engineering.

So far, Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) has become an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy. SUT is also a Multidisciplinary university, within its engineering subjects, Mechanism, Electronics, Electrics, Chemical Industry, Architecture, Information Science etc. are included.


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