Message From The President

Shenyang University of Technology was founded in 1949, the same year of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the last more than sixty years, our university has accompanied the development of our national industry, and has been committed to assisting the revitalization of the northeast old industrial base. We spare no efforts to build our university with our wisdom and strength, which is in accordance with our school motto—self-discipline, earnest practice.

In retrospect, the history of developing our university is the history of down-to-earth struggle, the history of self-challenging and self-surpassing and the history of pursuing excellence by generations of the SUT people. During the Eleventh Five-year Plan period, motivated by reform and regarding innovation as source, our university had optimized the environment for running school. We had enlarged our school scale and turned out more outstanding graduates. During that period, not only had we made a great breakthrough in subject and academic construction, our scientific and technological ability was also greatly improved. What’s more, we had deeper communication and cooperation with the world and our school running strength and running level is raised greatly. SUT has further realized the functions as a university in knowledge impartment, talents training, scientific research and society serving.

“Once the roc rises high with the wind, it sores ninety thousand li on the wings of cyclone.” Through over 60 years, SUT is now in its prime and heroic bearing prospers. Thousands of vying boats are rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. During the Twelfth Five years, under guidance of “National medium and long-term educational reform and development project summary” and"Opinions of Liaoning Provincial Government Liaoning Provincial Party Comittee of CPC on Promoting the Educational Reform and Development" .

we will fully commit to provide a good educational environment for students’ growth and success, to provide a broad space for development for teachers to display their talent, and to provide more technical and intellectual support for the revitalization of northeast old industrial base and national equipment manufacturing industry development, we will comprehensively improve the quality of talents training and the core competitiveness, striving to construct SUT into a teaching and research oriented university which is based in Liaoning, serving the whole nation, engineering majored and with prominent significance.

SUT is our common dream and home, carries our common hope and expectation. Together with everyone, I will be devoting myself to bring the prosperity for SUT, to promote the development for SUT, and to approbate the fame for SUT. I firmly believe that SUT will embrace a brighter future.

President:Zhang Tieyan


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