Structure and Governance

Governance Division

General Office of CPC Committee

Organization Department of CPC committee

United Front Work Office of CPC Committee

Discipline inspection committee

Trade Union Office

General Office of Communist Youth League

Office of Financial Affairs

Office of Educational Administration

Office of Scientific Research

Office of Human Resources

Students' Affairs Office of CPC Committee

Enrollment & Career Advisory Office

Department of International Cooperation

Subject and Degree Construction Office

Office of Security

Office of Construction

Retirement Office

Logistics Group

Teaching-related Division

Development & Planning Center


Editors' Office of SUT Journals


Network Center

Subsidiary Division

SUT Hospital

The National University Science And Technology Park

R & D Institution

National Engineering Center

Wind Energy Technology Research Institute

Public Research And Development Center

Liaoyang Campus

General Office of Liaoyang Campus

General Office of CPC Committee of Liaoyang Campus

Teaching & Scientific Research office of Liaoyang Campus

Public Security Office of Liaoyang Campus

Finance Office of Liaoyang Campus

Students' Affairs Office of Liaoyang Campus

Rear Service Office of Liaoyang Campus

Labor Union office of Liaoyang Campus

Library of Liaoyang Campus


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