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With 60years' persistent effort, SUT has developed in to an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its disciplines covering such seven areas as engineering science, management, law, economy, philosophy and liberal arts.

The First-level discipline of Electrical Engineering and Second-level discipline of Materials Processing Engineering have postdoctoral Programs; 5 disciplines have the qualification of conferment of doctor's degree of First-level discipline as Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology, Materials Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering; 17 disciplines have the right of conferment of doctor's degree as Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering, Precision Instrument and Machinery, Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments, Materials Physics and Chemistry, Materialogy, Materials Processing Engineering, Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus, Power System and its Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Power Electronics and Power Drives, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Artificial intelligence and electrical motion control, Medical Electromagnetic Engineering; 13 disciplines have the qualification of conferment of master's degree of First-level discipline; 71 disciplines are authorized for the conferment of master' s degree; 11 areas are recognized for the conferment of engineering master' s degree; 5 disciplines have obtained the authority for recruitment of the on-the-job teachers who want to apply for master's degree, the exclusive examination for the on- the-job staff to study for the master' s degree, (to possess a (certain specified school level) equivalent certificate) the establishing class for advanced studies of the courses for postgraduates, the recruitment of international students and the students from HongKong, Macao and Taiwan, and the cooperative with international universities to cultivate MBA.

The Electric Machines and Electrical Apparatus has obtained the status of state key discipline: 16 disciplines are recognized as key discipline of Liaoning Province. SUT has a set of significant research bases as State Engineering Research Center of Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Electrical Machine Technology, Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education for Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Application, Engineering Research Center of Liaoning Province for Rare-earth Permanent-magnet Electrical Machine Technology, Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences in Key base of humanities and social science key Laboratory of Electrical Apparatus, High Voltage and Strong Electric Current Lab of Liaoning Province, Key Lab of CNC Manufacturing of Complicated Curved Surface,Key Lab of Advanced Online Inspection, Key Lab of light metal material and its engineer,Key Lab of magnesium alloys and their forming technologies. SUT has 3 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 201 professors, 55 doctor supervisors and 373 vice professors.

Recent years, SUT has undertaken a number of scientific research projects of state, ministry and province, including "973" projects, "863" projects, major-tackling projects and natural science fund sponsored projects and have made achievements of world advanced level significant social effect and contribution to the construction of national economy. SUT has developed stable research directions in the areas of special electrical machine and its control, the conversion and comprehensive utilization of wind energy. Alloy Solidification and Near-Net-Shape Techniques, industrial process control and online inspection, High Performance Magnesium Alloy and its application,Numerical Control Theory and high precision processing, electromagnet theory and application, high voltage apparatus and its control, Electrical Drive and Servo-System,new material and surface technology, special processing technology and equipment, computer science and application petrochemical engineering, macromolecular material and managing science and engineering; it has made significant scientific research achievements, some of which are in the advanced level of nation or in ternation.

In the meantime, in the fierce trend of developing high level education, SUT is striving to grow our university in to a high level, multi-subject teaching and research university which gains a footing in Liaoning, serving all the nation engineering oriented, Stressing Characteristics and open type. The spirit of creation, innovation and down-to earth hard work will propel SUT into a prosperous future.


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