Application Guide on Chinese Government Scholarships (Independent Recruitment) of Shenyang University of Technology in 2016

According to the spirit of the documents from international cooperation and communion department of MOE, the arrangements on 2016 Chinese Government Scholarships Recruitment as follows:

1. Admissions Category

Full-time graduate students (postgraduates;doctoral students);Teaching in English

2. Program

For all majors except English

3. Enrollment Targets

1) Only enroll new students from abroad directly; excluding the students already studied in China.

2) Applicant qualifications

The applicant must be non-Chinese citizen and healthy.

Applicants for Master degree programs must have bachelor's degree and be under the age of 35.

Applicants for Doctoral degree programs must have master's degree and be under the age of 40.

3) HSK requirements: The Applicant’s HSK level who will be taught in Chinese must be of 180 points/level 5 or equivalent Chinese level. If his Chinese level is not up to standard, the student can apply for professional study after one year Chinese remediation, and then he prolong his length of study for one year.

4) We will recruit students in China's neighboring countries mainly this year (including the countries outside the contiguous ASEAN), and the students from other countries in the appropriate scope.

4. Scholarship

Exempt from entry fee, tuition fee, basic teaching materials and school accommodation.

Monthly stipend ( Doctor ¥2000 per month, Master¥1700 per month) and one-off resettlement fees.

Provide comprehensive medical insurance for the Chinese government scholarship students.

5. Application materials (All in two original copies)

The applicant must be filled in truly and correctly and submit the following application materials which will not be returned once submitted.

①Chinese Government Scholarships application form(fill in, print online and as shown in the application process)

②Copies of Foreigner Physical Examination Form and blood test report

③Copies of visa

④Statement of Application (about 800 words, including applying major & research direction)

⑤Certificate of relevant diploma, degree and transcript (in English)

⑥Two Letters of Recommendation from experts (above associate professor of Title)

6. Application Process

1) Please log in http://, register and fill in the application form online, print, sign and refer all the materials to our school.

Code of SUT:10142

2) Application materials (in two original copies) are delivered to International Student Office of International Education School of SUT by mail or in person.

3) After receiving the applications, our school will audit them and then issue Admission notice & Application form for International Students studying in China to those qualified for admission & assessed by school.

4) Applicants can apply X VIZA to Chinese diplomatic and consular mission with the above documents, and register to SUT within the fixed time.

7. The application materials will be mailed to the address below, please:

International Student Office of International Education School of Shenyang University of Technology

Shenyang University of Technology, NO.1 Xingshun Street, South 13Road, Tiexi Street, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Postcode: 110023

Telephone: 0086-24-25691091 Fax: 0086-24-25694638


Deadline: March 20, 2016


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