Definition of Top Talents

Defined by our university, Top Talents are those applicants meeting both the following "Basic Requirement" and one of the "Other Requirements".

I. Basic Requirement

The applicant, under 45 years old, is supposed to be professor with Doctor’s Degree.

II. Other Requirements

1. Qualification

The applicant is supposed to be academician, or winner of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, or guest professor of Changjiang Scholar Program set up by the Ministry of Education, or candidate for New Century Excellent Talent, or national candidate for“New Century Talents Project”, or talent with national outstanding contributions, or national famous teacher.

2. Research Ability

The applicant is supposed to be a person in charge of National Significant Scientific and Technological Program, or 863/973 Program, or Key and Significant Program of National Natural Science Foundation, or National Innovation Team.

3. Awards

The applicant is supposed to win the First Prize at or above Provincial or Ministerial Level for science research.

4. Working Experience

The applicant is supposed to have worked in famous universities or enterprises at home and abroad for many years and have special contribution or achievement in certain field.


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