General Introduction

GUO Mingshun-Party Secretary Signs Exchange Students Agreement with Prof.Schneider-President of Aalen University

SUT and CUCST Establishes Cooperative Relationship

Shenyang University of Technology, a key university of Liaoning province, is an engineering-oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such six areas as engineering, science, economy, administration, literature arts and laws. Following the principle of open education, SUT has active international linkages through frequent exchange and cooperation. Since 1985, we have signed the Agreement for Exchange and Cooperation and kept good relationship with about 32 universities from 12 countries worldwide, including USA, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, Australia, etc. Various international activities are carried out between SUT and sister universities, like academic exchanges, teacher cultivatation, scientific research cooperation, student exchange and so on. By now, more than 20 foreign experts and scholars have been invited or employed by our university as honorary professor or part-time professor. Over 1103 foreign experts and scholars have visited SUT and made lectures. Furthermore, we have hosted 8 international conferences, such as the “15th International Conference for COMPUMAG,” and won several projects for introducing foreign talents.

Up to now, 256 persons have been sent to visit abroad with school delegations or other delegations, 255 persons have been dispatched to over 30 countries to have further study, and about 110 persons have attended international conferences abroad.

Since 1995, we have received about 2000 foreign students from America, Germany, Korea Republic, Japan, Pakistan, etc. At present, there are about 70 foreign students in our university.

The wide international exchange and cooperation has strengthened the quality of our teaching staff, promoted the development of teaching and research work, enhanced our international reputation and greatly improved the overall strength of our university.


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