Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education

The nature of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education is to introduce quality education resources and learn advanced education experience as well as management model from abroad so as to foster more talents with all-round abilities. Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education not only optimizes the domestic education programs and improves the teaching methods, but also makes many students enjoy the first class education resources from foreign countries at home. To strengthen the development of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education has become a key direction for the international cooperation and exchange of Chinese education.

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) has been in wide cooperation and exchange with foreign universities for quite a long time. In terms of cooperative education to foster international talents, there are the following cooperative programs underway:

1.MBA Program held by SUT and Benedictine University

2.2+2 Education Program for Undergraduates in Accounting held by SUT and Griffith University

3.2+2 Education Program for Undergraduates in International Trade and Economics held by SUT and Griffith University

Supported by the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education of Liaoning Province, we started the 2+2 Cooperative Education with University of Luton in 2000. Approved by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province, we signed the 2+2 Cooperative Education Agreement with Griffith University in 2001. Authorized by the State Council (NO. [2003]123), in 2003 we began to foster MBA together with Benedictine University. In 2005, we started the Combined 3+2 Bachelor’s/Mater’s Degree Program with University of Luton.

The School of International Education, as one of the 19 subordinate colleges in SUT, is a formal college founded in 2002 to adapt to the international development of education, the trend of external exchanges as well as the demand for international talents in SUT. Undertaking the implementation of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs, by now the School of International Education has been in friendly cooperation with many universities and educational institutions abroad.

Through cooperative education, many teachers in SUT have the opportunities to study abroad. At present, more than one thousand teachers and students have studied abroad, which is striking and remarkable in the cooperative education of Liaoning higher institutions.


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