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The library of SUT was founded in 1950. It was called “Shenyang Machinery Advanced Vocational School Reading Room” at that time until expanded to the library in 1952. Approved by the state, the school was promoted to an institution of high learning and changed name as “Shenyang Electromechanical College”. The library was also renamed as “Library of Shenyang Electromechanical College”. Our college implemented Ministry-and-Province joint school in 1985, and the name of the college was changed into Shenyang University of Technology. The library was renamed as Library of SUT, too.

The library of SUT includes: the central campus library, Xing Shun campus library, Liaoyang campus library and reference rooms of the departments. The central campus library is located in the centre of central campus. The present library building, with a total construction area of 30,000 square meters, has 7 stories. The building is grand and magnificent. The rooms inside are bright and spacious, clean and comfortable. Outside the building, there are trees and grass surrounded. The environment is quiet, and the lake in front of the building is clear. The central library includes: 9 reading rooms with the function of collecting, loaning, reading and searching; 1 multifunctional electronic reading room; and a sum total of 3,000 seats. Now it has 1, 23,000 paper publications, 520,000 e-books, 17 ordered databases and 3 self-built databases. The readers can both read in the electronic reading room, and also download electronic resources via the Campus Network. The literature in the library is various and abundant. The construction of the collection is focused on engineering, science, economic, liberal arts, management, law and other social science as well. The type of the collection includes books, journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, standards and various kinds of reference books.

The central campus library implements Big Circulation now. There are access control systems at the entrance, detector channels at the exit. In the hall, there are 12 Touching Screen Query machines, new book display boards, chairs and tables which all provide humanistic learning environment and freer reading space to the readers. We are to achieve the service concept of “people first”. Our final destination is to help readers to find the pleasure of learning, to increase resource utilization rate, to facilitate readers.

The number of the staff working in the library is 43. Now members among the library staff hold the following degrees: 7 senior professional titles holders (1 professor, 4 assistant librarians and 2 senior engineers), 26 intermediate professional titles holders (4 engineers, 20 librarians and 2 others), 12 master’s degree holders, 24 Bachelor's degree holders, 7 senior college degree holders.


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