Campus Academic Science and Technology Festival

Campus Academic Science and Technology Festival is an important part of campus culture. The Festival is aimed at cultivating students’ abilities of thought, practice and innovation by providing a broad space for them to bring forth new ideas and start a undertaking. The Festival is a carrier for cultivating students’ innovative spirit and scientific literacy, and is an important platform to expand the students' professional knowledge and practice of professional ability.


Since the first campus academic science festival in 2004, each festival has been accomplished under the guidance of a particular theme. The activities of the festivals vary from the propaganda of scientific and technological ideas to promotion of scientific and technological literacy, from the cultivation of professional interest to the competition of professional skills. There are more than 20 major activities for each festival, and more than 3000 students are involved every year. The festival has already been carried out successfully for six sessions. The development of Campus Academic Science and Technology Festival has contributed a lot to the systematization, regularity and branding of the scientific and technological activities in our university, and has created a favorable atmosphere of “learn science, love science and make use of science” in the campus. The achievement titled The Construction of College Students' Scientific and Technological Activities and Branding of Campus Culture with With “Challenge Cup” as a Leading Role has won the first prize of outstanding achievement on college campus culture construction in Liaoning Province in 2007.


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