The students' activities in science and technology with "Challenge Cup" as the leading role

Shenyang University of Technology has always attached great importance to extracurricular activities, and pays attention to launch the students' professional expertise in line with the principle of "Participating as a means, popularization for the purpose".

It vigorously carries out practical activities based on the concept of “innovation, venture and creation”, and with the "Challenge cup" competition as the leading role, actively participates in large science and technology competitions organized at all levels, making the competitions refined; The university insists to hold the Campus Academic, Science and Technology Festival annually to popularize the science and technology to attract great participation into the innovative activities; The total involvement of the "4-One Project" builds a platform for extracurricular activities of science and technology with rich content and all-round carrier. The university encourages students to participate in all kinds of academic science and technology activities both national and provincial and creates a favorable academic atmosphere in the campus.


Over the years, the university has built a perfect platform for extracurricular activities of science and technology which involves all the students, goes throughout the learning process, and covers all academic contests. The university has won the National Top Award for Organization Skills in the "Challenge Cup" and Top Award for Organization Skills in different kinds of? provincial competitions many times. According to incomplete statistics.

since 2005, more than 40000 students have participated in all kinds of competitions, 33 national awards have been achieved in the five big contests which are oriented to the college students allover the country, and 147 awards have gained in the corresponding provincial competitions.


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