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SUT Successfully Completed Admissions Work for the 2018 Full-time Graduates

After 15 days’ efforts, SUT has successfully completed the admissions work for the 2018 full-time graduates by April 4th.

In 2018 SUT plans to have a total enrollment of 1,412 post-graduate students. The number increased 14.6% comparing with that of 2017. SUT has 555 students to transfer after the result of the first national post-graduate exams was released, accounting for 25% of that in Liaoning Province. From March 21th to April 4th, with constant efforts we successfully completed all the admissions work, 26 days earlier than the deadline. Part-time post-graduate admissions work has made remarkable progress as well comparing with that of 2017. 84% of the part-time post-graduate admissions work has been finished. It is expected to be completed in late April.

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