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The school of mechanical engineering of Shenyang University of Technology won the first prize in the 2018 mechanical innovation design competition of Liaoning province

The 2018 mechanical innovation design contest of Liaoning province attracted students from many colleges and universities since its launch in April 2017. The finals lasted three days and ended on April 16 in Shenyang Chemical University. Through nearly a year of research, project demonstration, design, production, debugging, and data preparation, 5 teams from the school of mechanical engineering of Shenyang University of Technology entered the finals with their well-finished works, and eventually won many honors, including the first prize.

After preliminary debugging, exhibitions, defense, expert comments, a highly innovative machine for apple picking and packing with reliable and stable performance stood out and won the first prize; Underground parking device for sharing bicycles, three-dimensional rotary garage, automatic fruit picking device with visual recognition won the third prize; Semi-automatic equipment for fruit picking and collecting along with wearable picking equipment won the excellence award.

Pre:Our school has successfully held a job fair for graduates from equipment manufacturing universities in Liaoning province, that is, the spring double election for the class of 2018 graduates in Shenyang University of Technology

Next:The second meeting of the first session of the association between equipment manufacturing industry and universities in Liaoning province was held at Shenyang University of Technology



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