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The University Hosted the second Liaoning College Campus Psychology Sitcom Contest and Won the first prize

On June 9th, after a fierce competition, the second college campus psychology sitcom contest in Liaoning Province came to a successful conclusion. The contest was sponsored by the Office of the Ideological and Political Work, the Department of Education of Liaoning Province and the Research Institute of Mental Health Education of Liaoning Higher Education Institutions. This year, the contest was hosted by Shenyang University of Technology. The competition received extensive attention and strong support from various universities in the province. There were 53 colleges participating in the contest and 12 colleges finally entered the finals for the first and second prizes. Teachers and students from more than 30 colleges and universities in the province came to see the finals.

The work “Self-respected but not Self-centered” from the School of Software of Shenyang University of Technology finally won the first prize with the excellent performance.

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