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Professor Liu Weijun and Professor Zhang Xiaoyou Selected as Climbing Scholars in Liaoning Province

Professor Liu Weijun and Professor Zhang Xiaoyou were selected as Liaoning Elite Project Innovative Leaders (Climbing Scholars) in 2018. A total of 14 scholars from the colleges and universities in Liaoning province were selected.

“Climbing Scholars” is a reward to Liaoning’s high-level talents who provide intellectual support for Liaoning’s high-level talent selection for the all-round revitalization and the “double first-class” construction of Liaoning Province.“Climbing Scholars” project focuses on solving major scientific and engineering problems, philosophy and social science problems in our province. The project also aims to strengthen the innovative research on the frontier of domestic science and technology, to effectively dock national major talent projects, and actively build the reserve echelon of the national talent titles such as Academician, the Yangtze River Scholars. At present, 4 scholars in our university have been selected as the Provincial Climbing Scholars.

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