The predecessor of the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering is the Department of Architecture Engineering, which was founded in May 1994. In July 2002, the School of Architecture and Engineering was founded, which was renamed the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering in December 2014.

Currently, the school has 66 faculty members, including 9 professors, 15 associate professors, 3 senior engineers, 6 doctoral supervisor, and 30 master supervisors. More than 95% of the faculty members have master'sdegrees, and 60% have doctoral degrees. There are 9 people who win title of Key Talent of Liaoning. Meanwhile, there are 8 visiting professors both at home and abroad and 20 part-time teachers.

The School of Architecture and Civil Engineering has degree-granting right of bachelor, master and doctor. Five undergraduate majors likeCivil Engineering, Road Bridge and River-crossing Engineering, Urban Underground Space Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, and Architecture all have the degree-granting right of Bachelor of Engineering; The first-class master degree of civil engineering (including five disciplines: geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, heating and gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning engineering, bridge and tunnel engineering, and civil engineering materials) can be awarded academic master's degree and professional master's degree can be awarded in architectural and civil engineering field. Second-class discipline of building materials and engineering can be with degree-granting right of Doctor of Engineering.

The school consists of civil engineering department, road bridge and river-crossing engineering department, urban underground space engineering department, building environment and energy application engineering department, architecture department, mechanics teaching department and experiment center of architecture and civil engineering. Experiment Center consists of mechanics laboratory, civil engineering laboratory, building environment laboratory, architecture laboratory and college students innovation and entrepreneurship center. Liaoning Key Laboratory of Building Materials Mechanics was approved in 2013. Currently, the school has Research Institute of New Building Materials and Applications, Geotechnical Engineering Research Institute, Research Institute of Structural Engineering, Research Institute of Building Environment, Research Institute of Mechanics, Research Institute of Building and Planning and BIM Technology and Consultancy Center.

The school has made achievements in the fields of preparation and engineering application of new building materials, environmental effects of geomaterials and engineering, theoretical analysis and design of engineering structures as well as building environment analysis and control technology. It has developed extensive cooperation and exchange with universities and research institutions in some countries like the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia and Japan and so on, and formed the research features and advantages initially.

In the recent five years, the school has successively won 30 vertical fund projects including Natural Science Foundation of China, Fund for Returned Overseas Students by the Ministry of Education, and Liaoning Provincial Science and Technology Project and so on. Among them, there are 11 projects of national natural science foundation, 2 projects of fund for returned overseas students by the Ministry of Education, 5 provincial natural science funds and science and technology projects and 12 science and technology projects of Education Department of Liaoning Province. The school has won 5 science and technology awards at ministerial and provincial-level, published eight academic monographs, more than 300 academic papers, of which 182 were included by SCI and EI, and obtained 23 patents. Two of them obtained provincial education reform achievement award and 12 textbooks were published.


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