National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines

On the basis of “Shenyang rare earth application technology center ”, “Liaoning engineering research center for rare earth permanent magnet electrical machines” and “Rare earth permanent magnet application engineering research center of ministry of education”, national engineering research center for rare earth permanent magnet electrical machines(hereafter refers to as “NPMMC”) begins to establish in 2002 relying on Shenyang university of technology. On March 3rd 2008, NPMMC passed the acceptance check and official named by the national Department of Technical Science using authorization of National science and technology development planning commission.

The STG of National University basing on the universities with strong science and technology power and merging the advantageous resources of both the universities and the society is an essential passage for the transformation and industrialization of high-technology fruits, an integral part of the national innovating system and a significant base of self-innovation, one of the innovating sources of development of regional economy and industry and the restart an enterprise of new and high-technology developing zone, and the platform for the universities to merge the study and research and to serve and cultivate the innovating talented people for the society. A first rate STG is the symbol of a first level university. The basic functions of the STG of National University are transformation of scientific and technical fruits, the hatch of scientific and technical enterprise and the cultivation of innovating talented people.

In the scientific research and engineering practice of many years, NPMMC obtained many achievements in the R&D of rare earth permanent magnet generator, high-efficiency REPMEM, variable frequency speed regulating REPMEM, AC permanent magnet servo motor and special permanent magnet motor. These machines got promotion and application in fields such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, NC machine tool, engineering machinery, elevator, wind power generation as well as military work. NPMMC acquired significant development in researching of common key techniques that restricts the development of NdFeB permanent magnet electrical machines, such as techniques against demagnetization in NdFeB permanent magnet electrical machine, line-start techniques, techniques to reduce the torque ripple and to improve stationarity, inhibit techniques of vibration and noise, noble matches of poles and slots, thermal computation and cooling techniques, computation of stress field, evaluation techniques on the performance stability of permanent magnet material, structure and draft, novel magnetic circuit and its optimization techniques etc.

NPMMC has completed 7 items of the State Natural Sciences Foundation planning projects, 5 items of the national 863 planning projects, 3 items of the national scientific and technological supporting projects, and 13 items of projects at the provincial and ministerial level. There are 24 scientific and technical payoffs passing the appraisal at the provincial and ministerial level, 3 items of which achieves the “international leading” level, and the others all at “international advanced” level. NPMMC attained 34 authorized patents (8 invention patents in that), and 21 patents that applied and got accepts (15 invention patents in that). It has published 12 works like “Modern permanent magnet machines- theory and design” etc, and more than 350 papers in which 165 papers published in core publication or the international conference and 51 papers embodied by three major retrieval. It presided over the drafting of 6 industry standard, and participated in the drafting of 5 national standards and 10 enterprise standard drafts. It has the abundant ability of R&D in the correlate technique domain, and occupied a leading position in this industry.


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