Science and Technology Garden of National University

Science and Technological Garden of SUT was founded in 1996, one of the top-ten University Science and Technological Gardens of Shenyang in 1998; it became provincial level STG after assessed by some departments of provincial government; after assessed by State Science and Technology Ministry and Ministry of Education in 2006 Nov., it was officially appointed as STG of National University, and became the third university of Liaoning province to be appointed Northeastern University and Dalian University ofTechnology), also joined the group of 62 STG of National University.

The STG of National University basing on the universities with strong science and technology power and merging the advantageous resources of both the universities and the society is an essential passage for the transformation and industrialization of high-technology fruits, an integral part of the national innovating system and a significant base of self-innovation, one of the innovating sources of development of regional economy and industry and the restart an enterprise of new and high-technology developing zone, and the platform for the universities to merge the study and research and to serve and cultivate the innovating talented people for the society. A first rate STG is the symbol of a first level university. The basic functions of the STG of National University are transformation of scientific and technical fruits, the hatch of scientific and technical enterprise and the cultivation of innovating talented people.

The construction of STG of SUT aiming at developing the New Zone of TieXi intoa dense zone for apparatus manufacture and a forward position zone of scientific and technical innovation, relying on the advantages of SUT and the Old Industrial Zone of TieXi, realizing the leading function and the social service effect of zone of TieXi, attracting technology and money from the whole country even abroad to develop new high-technical enterprise in STG, and establishing a industrial model zone develops itself into a obviously distinctive model garden with self-innovation, technical hatch and industralization. The dominant industry of STG of SUT orients towards modern apparatus manufacturing and relative technology; providing platform for the transformation of scientific and technical fruits, the hatch of scientific and technology enterprise and the cultivation of innovating talented people; playing an important part in developing the new high-technical industry, speeding up the construction of regional economy and the introduction of vocational technology, and relieving the pressure of job-hunting.

The STG of SUT has achieved some successes with the help and support from many sides since its assessment. The basic facilities are gradually completing, and it constructs tine environment for enterprises. At present, there are 49 enterprises in the Garden. The turnover was 4.8 million in 2006. and the annual turnover of 2007 is expected to be 6 millions.

The managements of the STG are full of rigors, trying to establish a perfect system of innovation and service for starting a business and also providing a satisfied service for who aim at starting a business.


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