Major: Chinese(Business Economics—oriented)

Specialty: Chinese(Business Economics—oriented)

Length of Schooling: 4 years

A bachelor diploma and a graduation certificate are awarded after four years’ study

★.Main Subjects

A comprehensive course of Chinese language literature; Economics

★.Main Courses

Chinese,listening,Spoken Chinese,Reading,Spoken Chinese for Business Economics,Principles of Economics,A comprehensive Course of Chinese for Business Economics,Advanced Business Spoken Chinese,Introduction to Economy,China's Foreign Economy and Commerce,China's Economic laws concerning foreign countries,China's General Conditions, China's Contemporary Economy.

Content of Chinese language class

Class Level of Chinese Course Structure
Class A
                 Class B
Advanced Advanced Chinese Intensive Reading,  Advanced Oral Chinese, Advanced Chinese Writing, Chinese Culture, General  Introduction to China,  Chinese Newspaper Reading, Advanced Chinese  Video Listening and Speaking, Advanced Chinese Reading, HSK
Class C
                 Class D
Intermediate Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Chinese  Intensive Reading, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Intermediate Chinese  Listening, Intermediate Chinese Writing, Intermediate Video Listening and  Speaking, Chinese Newspaper Reading, HSK
Class E Preliminary Preliminary Chinese Grammar, Preliminary Oral Chinese,  Preliminary Chinese Listening, Preliminary Chinese Reading, HSK
Optional Courses   HSK Testing Skills, Chinese Music, Chinese Dancing,  Tai Ji Quan, Business Chinese, Trip and Culture

 Chinese Training Courses in Winter and Summer Vacation

Class Courses Arrangements
Short-term Language Learner (Different Classes for  Different Levels) Oral Chinese Accelerated Courses (Advanced,  Intermediate and Preliminary), Trip and Culture, Video Listening and Speaking,  Short-term Chinese Intensive Reading


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