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Introduction to Subjects in English of SUT

Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation

The major is the third best one in the rank of all over contry

Electrical Engineering Level Subjects ( Including 5 second-rate disciplines :Electric Machines and Electric Apparatus, Power Electronics and Power Transmission, Power System and its Automation, High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Theory and New Technology of Electrical Engineering) .

★Main Courses

Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, Network Theory, Electromagnetic Fields, Analog Electronic Technology, Digital Electronic Technology, power electronic technology, Principles of Automatic Control, Electro mechanics , Electrical Appliances, Modern Inspection Technology, Power Engineering, Principles and Application of Mono-Chip Computer, High Voltage Engineering, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major: Material Formation and Control Engineering

★Main Courses

Engineering Mechanics, Machine Design Foundation, Fundamentals of Electro technics, Basic of Electronic Technology, Materials Science Foundation, Metal Solidification Principle, Plastic Processing Mechanics.

Mechanical design, manufacturing and automation

★Main Courses

Project Charting, Theoretical Mechanics, Material Mechanics, Mechanical Theory, Machinery Design, Electrical Technology Principle, Basic of Electronic Technology, Principle of Microcomputer and Application, Engineering Material, Mechanism Manufacture Technology Basis, Electrical and Mechanical Drive and Control Technology, CNC Technology.

Major:International Trade and Business

Education System: four years

Students who are eligible to obtain a bachelor's degree and undergraduate diploma must successfully complete the prescribed credits delivered by Major Cultivation Program and pass the undergraduate dissertation.

★Main Subjects

Economics, International Business, International Finance,International Marketing

★Main Courses

Principles of Economics, International Business, International Trade Affairs, International Commercial Law , International Finance, Foreign Business Correspondence, International Marketing, etc . Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.


★Main Courses

Finance, Financial Marketing , Central Banking , Commercial Banking, Insurance , International Finance, International Finance, Corporate finance, Financial Engineering, Security Investment, Accounting, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.


★Main Courses

Political Economics, Micro-economics, Macro-economics, econometrics, Accounting, Finance, International Economics, Industrial Economics, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Business Administration

★Main Courses

Management, Technological Economics, Modeling and decision making technology, Fundamentals of Accounting, Macro-economics ,Micro-economics, Management Information Systems, Financial Management, operations research, Statistics, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Computer Science and Technology

★Main Courses

Discrete Mathematics, Data Structures and Algorithms, Digital Electronic Technology, Computer Composition and Structure, Object-oriented Technology, Principle and Application of Database, Operating system, Network and Communication Technology, Software Engineering, User needs and System Modeling, Large Database System Development, Comprehensive Chinese, listening, Spoken Chinese.

Major:Civil Engineering

★Main Courses

Theoretical Mechanics,mechanics of materials,Structural mechanics,Civil engineering drawing and CAD,Civil Engineering Materials,Concrete structure design basic principle,Design Principles of Steel Structure,Civil Engineering Construction,Soil Mechanics & Substructure,Civil Engineering Surveying,earthquake resistance of engineering structure,Building construction, Bridge construction.

Major:Electrical Engineering(Master)

Major:Civil Engineering(Master)

Major:Computer Technology(Master)

Major:Applied Mathematics(Master)

Major:Applied Chemistry(Master)

Major:Environmental Engineering(Master)

Major:Condensed Matter Physics(Master)



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