Call for Applications for the Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship

We have received an announcement from the Department of Education of Liaoning Province that applications for the Liaoning Government Scholarship for doctoral students for the Year 2012 may be accepted. As a participant in that program, our university has begun to accept applications for the scholarship from sister universities.

Please note that the deadline for applications isApril 15, 2012.

Contact Information

Department of International Cooperation, Shenyang University of Technology

Address: 111 West Shenliao Road, Shenyang Technological-economic Development Area, Shenyang, Liaoning Province 110870. P. R. China

Persons: Ms. LIU Dandan, Mr. JIANG Guoqing

Tel: +86-24-2549 6051 +86-24-2549 9026

Fax: +86-24-2549 9028




1. Application Form for Liaoning Government Scholarship

2. Admission Guide for applying for the Liaoning Provincial Scholarship for doctoral students

3. Introduction to Shenyang University of Technology

Department of International Cooperation

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