Talent Introduction

Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) warmly welcomes and sincerely employs high-end talents at home and abroad.

I. What high-end talents are expected and how to introduce?

High-end talents candidates should be of high comprehensive qualities, persistent scientific spirit, and good sense of teamwork, whose research fields and academic performances can meet the demands of our discipline construction and development in SUT, and should have the following qualifications at three levels:

Level One— academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, or tenured professors of high level overseas universities.

Level Two—Those under the age of 50 who are eitherDistinguished Professors and Chair Professors of “Cheung Kong Scholar Program”, or winners of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists, or leaders of major projects under National Natural Science Fund, or Chief Scientists of 863 and/or 973 programs, or members of National Hundred Talents Program, or selectees of New Century Excellent Talents Support Program, or have been working as professor in famous foreign universities for over five year and have scored certain achievements, and other equivalent talents.

Level Three—Those under the age of 40 who have been working in well-known overseas academic institutions for over 3 years with remarkable achievements, or have been working as professor or researcher in high level universities in China and have obtained notable research results or recognized academic status.

Full-time employment will be the main way of high-end talents introduction. Those from overseas high-level universities who can work in SUT for over 9 months per year can be fully employed. Those who are urgently-needed for discipline construction and development in SUT but can not be introduced full-time can be hired as “contract professor” and thereafter should work for at least 3 months every year as SUT staff to research, to undertake innovation projects, and to achieve certain results accordingly.

Job duties & objectives and minimum service length of the introduced high-end talents will be stipulated specifically in contract (or agreement). Apart from those listed in the contract (or agreement), the introduced high-end talents enjoy the same rights and obligations as those of the existing personnel in SUT.

II. What conditions and treatment will be provided?

For the fully-employed high-end talents, SUT will provide 80-240 m2housing and 100,000-10,000,000 RMB initiative fund for research projects, in accordance with different introduction levels, as well as professorships. The fully-employed professors introduced from high-level overseas universities will be paid with annual salary system, ranging between 400,000 and 800,000 RMB; other fully-employed high-end talents, on the basis of specific posts and duties, will be remunerated better than existing personnel in the first tenure, and further agreement will be made on the remuneration in follow-up tenures.

The remuneration for the “contract professor” ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 RMB per month during his/her working period; 1or 2 round-trip fares will be reimbursed each year by SUT, and corresponding accommodation will be provided as well.

Children’s school enrolment, spouse’s work, long-term work or residence procedure for foreign personnel in China, and other related matters will be handled in accordance with the contract.


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