International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center of Shenyang University of Technology is a formal teaching unit to meet the development and foreign exchange of the internationalization of school education, and the demand for international talents. It is a new type of school running with many functions such as foreign cooperation, training of foreign students, international exchange and cooperation, language training and cultural exchange. At present, the center has established good partnerships with many foreign universities and educational institutions, and has been working effectively at the same time.

The center has the center office, the teaching management office, the student work office, the MBA program office, the communication and cooperation office, the overseas study department, the overseas study department, the Chinese language teaching and research department and so on.

The International Exchange Center has undertaken and implemented the Sino foreign cooperative education program of Shenyang University of Technology. Among them, the cooperation program with Griffith University, Australia, the undergraduate education program of international economy and trade and the undergraduate education program of accounting specialty, and the cooperation with Benedictine University of the United States to hold the master's degree education program of business are approved by the Ministry of education.

At present, 726 students of the 1347 graduates who have studied abroad through the undergraduate program of our university are mostly selected to continue their employment after further study; the MBA program has been successfully held for 14 sessions and the number of graduates reaches 559. All of them have become the backbone of their respective posts.

The Sino foreign cooperation program of Shenyang University of Technology has been highly praised by the provincial education department, and it has also been fully affirmed by the society. The international exchange center has now become an overseas training base for Shenyang cadres approved by the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Municipal Committee.

Since 1995, our university has received foreign students and opened the undergraduate and Chinese language majors in 2006, and has now recruited 12 sessions foreign students. All the Chinese language teachers in our school have the qualification of teaching Chinese as a foreign language.

The international exchange center has continuously strengthened its relations with foreign cooperative institutions, vigorously introduced the high quality education resources, drawing on the advanced experience and management model of foreign universities, and fostering international talents, which has played an active role in improving the school running level and promoting the process of the internationalization of school education.


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