Ⅰ.Chinese Language Programs

 1. Chinese learning

Content of short-term Chinese language class


Level of


Course Structure

Class A

Class B


Advanced Chinese Intensive Reading, Advanced Oral Chinese,

Advanced Chinese Writing, Chinese Culture, General Introduction

to China, Chinese Newspaper Reading, Advanced ChineseVideo

Listening and Speaking, Advanced Chinese Reading, HSK

Class C

Class D


Intermediate Oral Chinese, Intermediate Chinese Intensive

Reading, Intermediate Chinese Reading, Intermediate Chinese

Listening, Intermediate Chinese Writing, Intermediate Video

Listening and Speaking, Chinese Newspaper Reading, HSK

Class E


Preliminary Chinese Grammar, Preliminary Oral Chinese,

Preliminary Chinese Listening, Preliminary Chinese Reading, HSK



HSK Testing Skills, Chinese Music, Chinese Dancing, Tai Ji Quan, Business Chinese, Trip and Culture

Chinese Training Courses in Winter and Summer Vacation


Courses Arrangements

Short-term Language Learner

(Different Classes for Different


Oral Chinese Accelerated Courses

(Advanced, Intermediate

and Preliminary), Trip and Culture,

Video Listening and

Speaking, Short-term Chinese Intensive Reading

 2. Major: Chinese Language (Economics and Trade—oriented)

Length of Schooling: 4 years

A bachelor diploma and a graduation certificate are awarded after four years’ study

Time of enrollment: Every September

  2.1 Main Subjects

A comprehensive course of Chinese language literature; Economics

  2.2 Main Courses

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese listening, Spoken Chinese, Reading, Spoken Chinese for Business Economics, Principles of Economics, A comprehensive Course of Chinese for Business Economics, Advanced Business Spoken Chinese, International Trade Practice, China’s Foreign Economy and Commerce, Business Document Writing, China’s Contemporary Economy.

Ⅱ. English-teaching Majors

Length of schooling: 4 years

Students can get bachelor’s degree and undergraduate diploma after finishing all credit under undergraduate training plan, and pass the undergraduate thesis defense.

Time of enrollment: March and September each year

 1. Major: Electrical Engineering and Automation

The major is the ninth best one in the rank of all over the country.

   1.1 Main Courses

Circuitous Philosophy, Electromagnetic Fields, Power Electronic Technology, Principle of Automatic Control, Electromechanics, Electrical Appliances, Modern Detection Technology, Electric Power Engineering, Principle and Application of SCM, Electric Control & PLC Technology, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

 2. Major: International Economics and Trade

   2.1 Main Courses

Circuitous Philosophy, Electromagnetic Fields, Power Electronic Technology, Principle of Automatic Control, Electromechanics, Electrical Appliances, Modern Detection Technology, Electric Power Engineering, Principle and Application of SCM, Electric Control & PLC Technology, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

 3. Major: Computer Science and Technology

   3.1 Main Courses

Principles Of Computer Composition, Data Structure, Computer Network, Database Principles, Operation System, Algorithm Design And Analysis , Computer Interface Technology,Software Engineering,Java Programming,Computer Security,Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

 4. Major: Civil Engineering

  4.1 Main Courses

Architectural design principle, Building architecture, Engineering mechanics, Structural mechanics, Civil engineering drawing and CAD, Civil Engineering Surveying, Civil Engineering Materials, Concrete structure design basic principle, Design Principles of Steel Structure, Soil Mechanics & Substructure, Civil Engineering Construction, Comprehensive Chinese, etc.

Ⅲ. Chinese-teaching Majors

International education collage:(Degrees of Bachelor)


College of Electrical

Engineering(Degrees of

Bachelor, Master and Doctor)

Biomedical Engineering


Electrical Engineering Theory and New Technology

Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering

Electric Engineering

Electric machines and Electric Apparatus

Power System and its Automation

Artificial Intelligence and Electric Motor Control

High Voltage and Insulation Technology

Power Electronics and Power Drives

Medical Electromagnetic Engineering

Material science and

engineering:(Degrees of

Bachelor, Master and Doctor)

Metallic Materials Engineering

Material Formation and Control Engineering

Materials Physics and Chemistry

Materials Science

Materials Processing Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Material Chemical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

(Degrees of Bachelor, Master

and Doctor)

Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Design

Logisticis Engineering

Sports Equipment Engineering

Automotive Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering

Mechanical Design and Theory

Fluid Machinery and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Management:(Degrees of

Bachelor, Master)

Business Administration




Logistics Management

Engineering Management

Technology Economy and Management


Project Management

Business Administration

Tourism Management

Management Science and Engineering

Information science and engineering(Degrees of Bachelor,

Master and Doctor)

Measurement Technology and Equipment

Electronic Information Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

Communication Engineering

Precision Instrument and Machinery

Measurement Techniques & Measuring Instruments

Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics

Signal and Information Processing

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Detection Technology and Automatic Equipment

Systems Engineering

Computer Software and Theory

Computer Application Technology

Computer Technology

Instrument and Meter Engineering

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Control Engineering

Software(Degrees of

Bachelor, Master)

Computer Science and Technology

Software Engineering

Science:(Degrees of

Bachelor, Master)

Environmental ngineering

Applied Chemistry

Information and Computer

Applied Physics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Environmental Chemical Engineering

Basic Mathematics

Numerical Mathematics

Operational Research and Cybernetics

Condensed Matter Physics

Liberal Arts and law:

(Degrees of Bachelor, Master)


Artistic Designing

Architectural Engineering:

(Degrees of Bachelor, Master)

Architecture Environment and Equipment Engineering


Civil Engineering

General and Fundamental Mechanics

Solid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics

Structural Engineering


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