Schools and Programs

The university has 20 schools, 2 teaching departments, and 2 engineering training centers, offering 55 undergraduate programs and 19 vocational programs. It is authorized to grant bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees. It has one national key second-level discipline (Electrical Machines and Apparatus), 4 provincial first-class disciplines (Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrument Science and Technology), and 4 postdoctoral research stations of the above disciplines. Up to now 5 first-level disciplines have been authorized to grant doctoral degrees, and 20 first-level disciplines to confer master degrees. In the 4thnational college discipline evaluation, 6 disciplines rank among the top 50 percent, 1 among the top 20-30 percent, and 1 among the top 10-20 percent of all the disciplines in colleges and universities nationwide. It also offers 5 professional graduate programs: Master of Engineering, Master of Accounting, Master of Business Administration, Master of Engineering Management, and Master of Finance, in which the program of Master of Engineering covers a series of 13 sub-disciplines.


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