The Mechanical Engineering discipline of the College of Mechanical Engineering has the right to grant bachelor degree,master degree and doctor degree. And it has a postdoctoral research station. Relying on this discipline, Shenyang University of Technology was listed in the National 2011 Cooperative Innovation Program in 2014, and was listed as the top discipline in Liaoning Province in 2017.

The college has 112 teachers, including 1 academician of Canadian National Academy of Engineering, 13 doctor supervisors, 20 professors, 38 associate professors and senior engineers. There are 72 teachers with doctor degrees, 5 experts enjoyed Special Government Allowances by the State Council, 1 national candidate for New Century Talents Project, 3 Special Term Professors in Liaoning Province and 2 Famous Teachers in Liaoning Province.

The college has a strong academic atmosphere in the design and manufacture of CNC machine tools, petroleum machinery design, vibration and noise control, friction and wear and lubrication system design, industrial robots, manufacturing technology, wind driven generator design, precision measurement, fluid transmission and other research fields with great reputation at home and abroad. The discipline development of the college has always paid attention to the innovation, the characteristic, the actual effect, the pursuit of the scientific and technological achievements for the actual production and the development of the national key areas. In the past ten years, in the "Design of Non-instantaneous Envelope of CNC Milling Machine", "Design of Spiral Bevel Gear Milling and Development of CNC Machine Tool ", " Design of Wind Driven Generator with Noise Isolation and Control", and "ESPCP System Design", the research level has been in the leading position in China. The achievements focus on serving in the equipment manufacturing industry, petroleum, electric power and national defense industry, filling a number of gaps and creating direct economic benefits of about 426 billion yuan. The transformation of products such as screw CNC milling machine, MW wind generator, ESPCP system occupies more than 95% market share in China. The discipline development of the college revolves around the above technology, develops the new theory and the new technology. Based on achievements, a stable research direction has been formed, and a strong teaching and research team has been created. In the past ten years, scientific and technological achievements have won 2 National Science & Technology Progress Award (second class) , 6 Liaoning Province National Science & Technology Progress Award (first class) and 15 Liaoning Province National Science & Technology Progress Award (second class) .


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