College profile and development history

The School of Economics of Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) dates back to the establishment of the Department of Management in 1981. In 1983, SUT and the Shenyang Municipal Government co-founded the Training Center for Foreign Trade of Mechanical and Electrical Products in Shenyang that educates international trade talents for the enterprises of manufacturing industries, which begins the education of talents in applied economics. In 1987, in order to meet the demand of the further nation-wide reform and opening-up, SUT organized two cohorts of respective 30 students of the bachelor program in Industrial Foreign Trade from the top students among the Grade 1985 and Grade 1986 under the sponsorship of Liaoning Provincial Government. In their 5th Grade, all the students received full scholarships provided by the Liaoning Provincial Government. In 1988, the bachelor program Industrial Foreign Trade (now the International Economics and Trade) was approved and the first cohort of students was admitted. In 1993, the SUT Department of Management was turned into the School of Economics and Trade. In 1995, the bachelor program International Finance (now the Finance) was approved and the first cohort of students was admitted. In 1997, the name of the School of Economics and Trade was changed into the School of Economics and Management. In 2001, the master program International Trade was approved.

In 2002, the University reorganized the schools, and turned the School of Economics and Management into two new schools, the School of Economics and the School of Management, according to the national classifications of academic disciplines. The School of Economics then ran two bachelor programs (International Economics and Trade and finance) and a master program (International Trade). In 2004, the bachelor program Economics (Environment and Resource Economics concentration) was approved and the first cohort of students was admitted. In 2011, the Category I master program Applied Economics was approved (which includes 10 Category II master programs). In 2014, the professional master program Finance (MF) was approved, and the first group of MF students were admitted in 2015. After the accumulation of the experience of the 35-year education since its establishment, the School of Economics has formed a pattern of talent cultivation and scientific research which is scientific, streamlined, normalized, orderly, and systematically perfect.

The School of Economics now runs one Category I Master Program—Applied Economics (which contains 10 Category II programs, such as International Trade, Finance, Industrial Economics, etc.) and a professional program—Finance (MF), and four bachelor programs—International Economics and Trade, Finance, Economy, and Finance Engineering. It carries out a cultural exchange project lasted for one semester or one academic year, and a 3+1+1 project of joint bachelor and master education with the Delaware State University of the United States of America. The bachelor program—International Economics and Trade is also run under the 2+2 joint program between SUT and the Griffith University of Australia. The School of Economics now has 907 full-time bachelor students, and 41 full-time master students (among them, 7 are professional MF students, 1 is a overseas master student).

There are 45 faculty and staff members in the School of Economics, among them, 10 are professors, 14 are associate professors,One Liaoning Provincial Honor Teacher,2 are National Grade 3 professors; 28 are master student supervisors; 2 are in the Top 100 Teachers in Liaoning Province, 1 is in the Top 10000 Teachers; 1 becomes the candidate of the Growth Plan of the Outstanding Youth Scholars of Universities in the Liaoning Province; 11 have the overseas experience either studying or working in European or American Universities.

In the recent 5 years, the School of Economics has been granted 3 scientific projects from central government, 68 scientific projects from local governments or enterprises. It has received 2 Grade II awards, 3 Grade III awards of Liaoning Provincial Philosophy & Social Sciences Awards; 1 Grade II award of Liaoning Provincial Science & Technology Advancement; 1 Grade II award, 1 Grade III award of Liaoning Provincial Teaching Awards. The professors in the School of Economics published 12 monographs, and 153 papers (among them, 18 were published in the source journals of CSSCI, 14 were indexed by EI. The Applied Economics Category I master program has been ranked 3rd place among the participated programs in Liaoning Province in the 3rd Round National Master and Doctoral Program Evaluation. The training base jointly established by the School of Economics and Bohai Commodity Exchange has been approved as the Liaoning Provincial University & Enterprise Joint Training Base by the Department of Education of Liaoning Province since 2012, and approved as National Training Base by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China since 2013.

In the past 30 years, the School of Economics has always been trying to meet the demand of the quality and variety of talents of the applied economics in the national development of economy and society. Based on the inter-disciplinary advantage under the technological background, the School of Economics has been putting the discipline construction as the lead, and taking the teaching reform, science research, and the student service as its mainline. It has cultivated large number of talents in the field of applied economics that meet the social demand, and have the innovative ability and entrepreneurship. Our alumni are working in some famous institutions such as Tsinghua University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Tencent, Alibaba, BMW (China), China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank, central and local government agencies, etc.

School of Economics Development Timelines




Department of Management Engineering


Training Center for Foreign Trade of Mechanical

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Two cohorts of respective 30 students of the bachelor program in

            Industrial Foreign Trade from Grade 1985 and Grade 1986


Bachelor program of Industrial Foreign Trade


School of Economics and Trade


Bachelor program of International Finance


School of Economics and Management


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