Humanity and Law School of Shenyang University of Technology was established in March, 1999, whose predecessor is Economics and Law School of Shenyang University of Technology founded in November, 1993.

Humanity and Law School possesses the right to grant both bachelor and master’s degree. Approved by the Academic Degree of State Council, in 2006, Humanity and Law School has the right to grant second-rate disciplines master's degree of civil and commercial law. In 2011, it gains the right of conferring first-level discipline master's degree in law. And it starts enrollment of graduate students from the whole country and sets seven kinds of second-rate disciplines master's degree awarded, including theory of jurisprudence, civil and commercial law, economic law, litigation law, international law, intellectual property law, communication law. What’s more, the majors followed can be awarded bachelor's degree: law, intellectual property, advertising major, visual communication design, environmental design.

Humanity and Law School contains three departments (department of law, arts department and journalism and communication department)、a ministry (Department of Humanities Teaching and Research Department), a center (Experimental Teaching Center consists of graphic, image design laboratory, photographic lighting laboratory, video advertising design and manufacturing laboratories, mock courts and case analysis laboratories), a reference room (reading area of 300 square meters, more than 32,000 books and a certain number of audio-visual materials and electronic books).

The total number of teachers in Humanity and Law School is seventy, including fifty-eight full-time teachers, six professors, ten external professors, seventeen associate professors, a senior engineer, six people with a doctorate, hundred-level of Talents Project in Liaoning Province one person, three people at thousand level, two teaching masters in Liaoning Province, two outstanding teachers in Liaoning Province, two teaching masters, three excellent young-backbone teachers in Liaoning Province, one Shenyang teaching expert, and five outstanding school-level teachers.

Humanity and Law School has six provincial-level platform advantages: Intellectual Property Institute of Liaoning Province (approved by Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Office and Education Department), Liaoning Province Popular Science Workstation (Liaoning Province Science and Technology Agency approval), Liaoning Province, IPR Protection Center Shenyang Industrial University Work Station (Approved by Liaoning Provincial Intellectual Property Office), Liaoning Province College Students Practice Education Base and Shenyang University of Technology Master of Laws - Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone People's Court Practice Base (Approved by Liaoning Provincial Department of Education), Sino-German Intellectual Property College and Shenyang University of Technology Intellectual Property Institute.

The college pays attention to the characteristic development and forms the service platform of intellectual property for rejuvenating old northeastern industrial bases. It is the legal and policy consultation platform for the implementation of the strategy of governing the country by law and serving the local legislation and government decision-making. Meanwhile, it’s a platform for patented technology, product design and cultural creativity that serves innovation-driven strategic and a platform for the development of humanistic quality education and culture construction.

The college is the vice-president unit and standing director unit of all research institutes in Liaoning Provincial Law Society, and is a consultant unit to the local people's congress of Liaoning Province.

By 2015, the college has 1 provincial quality course (civil law), 1 Liaoning practice teaching base (programs of law), 6 Liaoning provincial education reform projects, 10 provincial-level teaching achievements and over 30 school-level teaching achievements , 6 school-level boutique (resource sharing class) class, 1 national social science fund project, 1 research project of humanities and social science of the Ministry of education, 10 Liaoning provincial government awards (philosophy and social science achievement award), 1 second prize in Excellent master dissertation of Liaoning Province. Over the past five years, it has undertaken more than 100 research projects at national and provincial level, and has spent over 4 million yuan in research funding and composed over 10 textbooks and books. Besides, more than 200 academic papers have been published in academic journals at home and abroad.

As of September 2015, there are 619 undergraduates and 127 graduate students in our college. Graduates, from Humanity and Law School, with solid basic knowledge, simple work style, honesty and integrity and innovative quality, received high recognition from the public.

College actively expands the internationalization of higher education, which undertakes academic exchanges and cooperation with colleagues in Britain, France, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and so on. At present, six groups of students have gone to Shih Hsin University to exchange study.


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