The school of information science and engineering of Shenyang University of Technology was established in 1999, and its history can be traced back to 1960. The department of radio which founded in 1960(renamed as department of electronic engineering in 1972) joined with the first computer college in china established by the University and added four institutes of the university to form the school of information science and engineering. The school has the right to grant a doctorate degree, a master's degree and a bachelor's degree.

There are six undergraduate majors in the school, including Measurement & control technology and instrument、Electronic science and technology、Electronic & Information Engineering、Communication engineering、Intelligent science and technology. The major of Measurement & control technology and instrument is a distinguishing feature specialty of the state and a preponderant distinguishing feature specialty of Liaoning province and rank number one in Liaoning province’s undergraduate overall merit. The major of Electronic & Information Engineering is a demonstration specialty in Liaoning Province. The major of Computer science and technology obtain approval of Liaoning province international curriculum system construction pilot major. The school has now over 2000 undergraduates.

The prima discipline of instrument science and technology in the school has the right to grant the PhD degree, and it set up a National center for post-doctoral studies. This discipline is a top discipline of Liaoning province. Meanwhile, other four prima disciplines have the right to grant the Master's degree in the school, including discipline of Computer science and technology、discipline of Control science and Engineering、discipline of Electronic and Communication Engineering and discipline of Electronic science and technology. The school began to recruit postgraduate students in 1979. Nowadays, over 600 graduate candidates, including 30 doctoral candidate s are studying in the school.

120 existing faculty members are work in the school, among them, 99 are full-time teachers (full-time teachers with doctor's degree accounts for 54% of all the school teachers). Among faculty members , there are 18 Doctoral tutors、22 professors、40 associate professors and Senior Engineers . High-level teachers include 1 academician reserve candidates、1 climbing scholars of Liaoning、4 hundred level candidates of Liaoning province Talents Project、7 backbone teachers of colleges and universities in Liaoning.

The school has 5 provincial scientific research platforms—“Key Laboratory of machine vision in Liaoning”、“ Key Laboratory of advanced online testing technology of colleges and universities in Liaoning province”、“Key Laboratory for testing technology of oil and gas pipeline in Liaoning”、“Key Laboratory of embedded technology application of colleges and universities in Liaoning province”、“Liaoning integrated circuit and electronic system design laboratory”. The school also has 16 school-level research institutions. The main research fields of the school are On-line detection、Machine vision detection、Biometric identification and imaging technology、Real time and embedded system、Image processing and pattern recognition… Recent five year, income of the school in science and technology increases 30% annually , achieve 40-50 million annually. About 160 academic papers publish every year in the school. The school has carried out a wide range of academic exchanges with Britain、American、Hong Kong china、and many domestic universities. The first and tenth session of the National Academic Conference on information acquisition and processing was successfully organized by the school.

The school set up students' Innovation Laboratory to support innovation and practice ability training. Recent year, students of the school participated in innovation competition activities such as the International Mathematical Modeling、the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest,and won more than 60 national prizes. The school has Chinese scholarship for instruments .

The faculty numbers of the school will be to impart knowledge and educate students、service society、Inherit culture with the spirit of advancing. Teachers and students of the school work together Striving for the construction of the regional first class information school, welcome to join us.


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