Based on the Faculty of Radio founded in 1960, the School of Electrical Engineering (SEE) was established as Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1972. It was renamed as Department of Electrical Engineering in 1986 and School of Electrical Engineering in 1999, respectively. For the major of Electrical Engineering, there are doctoral specialty, postdoctoral mobile research station, Liaoning first level key discipline, and national key discipline of Electrical Machine and Electrical Appliance. The School of Electrical Engineering has four undergraduate specialties set as Electrical Engineering and its Automation, Automation, Biomedical Engineering, New Energy Science and Engineering. In this period of evaluation, the total number of enrolled undergraduate students, master and doctor course students, and post-doctors is 2909.

The SEE is mainly engaged in talent cultivation. It focuses on education reformation and enhances the quality of talent cultivation. There are many active and vigorous teams of teaching and scientific research. For example, Professor Renyuan Tang, one academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the begetter of rare earth permanent magnet machines in China. Professor Yinghao Zhu, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, is famous expert in the field of power transmission and transformation. Professor Toshio Fukuda, both academician of Japanese Academy of Engineering and Foreign Academician of Chinese Academy of Science, and Professor Shuoyu Wang, academician of Japanese Academy of Engineering, are international excellent scholars in the field of robot. Furthermore, there are many young and middle-aged academic leaders owing experience of working and studying abroad in electrical engineering.

In this period of evaluation, the SEE has119faculties. Among them, there are4academicians,39 professors and 39 associate professors, and 42 doctoral supervisors. There are totally 32 teachers having been conferred different honorary titles and awards at state level and provincial level, such as National Talent Project in Millennium,Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents, Education Ministry Innovation Team Leaders, candidates for Special Subsidy of Government of the State Council, Liaoning Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Academic Leaders, Liaoning Excellent Talents of Colleges and Universities, Provincial Distinguished Professor, and Liaoning Provincial Talents Project.

During the 4th National Evaluation of disciplinary level, the discipline of electrical engineering in SEE is tied for ninth, which enters B+ level of the national disciplines. The discipline of electrical engineering founds 17 discipline research groups such as National Engineering Research Center for Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Electrical Machines, National Demonstration Institution of Technology Transfer, Special Motor and High-voltage Electrical Apparatus Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education, Liaoning Key Laboratory of High-Voltage/Heavy Current and New Type of Electrical Machine, Key Laboratory of Wind Power Generation Technology of Liaoning Province, Key Laboratory of Power Grid Safe Operation and Monitoring of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Advanced Energy Equipment and Application Collaborative Innovation Center, and Key Laboratory of Modern Theory and Generic Technology on Electric Equipment.

The specialty of Electrical Engineering and its Automation was elected as construction candidate for national key discipline of the first level, experimental program of outstanding engineer by Ministry of Education and Liaoning Province, the demonstration undergraduate specialty in Liaoning. Furthermore, two undergraduate specialties, the electrical engineering and its automation, and the automation are experimental specialties at Bachelor level in engineering talents training mold reform of Liaoning Province. The SEE owns 2 provincial demonstration centers of experimental teaching belonging to major of electrical engineering and its automation, and electrical & electronics. It also has one provincial demonstration center of experimental teaching in wind power generation and virtual simulation, provincial education base program for university students off-campus practice. In 2015, the specialty of electrical engineering and its automation passed the national engineering education professional certification organized by China engineering education accreditation association.

For evaluation of recent 5 years, the SEE undertook45key national projects including the Major National Science and Technology Project, the 863 project, the Science and Technology Support Program, the NSFC Key Projects. 17 projects has honored awards for Progress in Science & Technology at state level. In this evaluation period, 127 invention patents were licensed by China’s State Intellectual Property Office. 13 academic works were published. There are around400research papers published in the world top journals such as IEEE Transactions.

The SEE has several school-enterprise cooperation platforms by cooperating with large-scale enterprise such as the State Grid Corporation, China Datang Group, TBEA Co. Ltd, and Broad-Ocean. The cooperation includes research project, resources sharing, and talent cultivation, which plays an important part in the development of the School of Electrical Engineering. The School of Electrical Engineering has established a long and friendly relationship of cooperation with international university and research team in the world such as Japan, Korea, UK, Austria, USA, Canada, andDenmark.

The SEE in the Shenyang University of Technology has undergone nearly 60-years reform and exploration. It always follows rigorous and realistic spirit, focuses on innovative quality, creates good environment for students and faculties. All of these make contributions to high-level talent cultivation and greater research achievement. It also lays a better foundation on achieving top rank of China higher education in the field of electrical engineering. The strategy plan for the next period of evaluation focuses on continuously cultivating potential leaders and playing a leading role in the broad aspects of the electrical engineering discipline.


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