Postdoctoral Research Station

Approved by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and Post Doctoral Management Committee, Shenyang University of Technology (SUT) established its first postdoctoral research station in Electrical Engineering in 2001, covering a first-level discipline and 5 second-level disciplines. Six years later, it was approved to establish another postdoctoral research station in the discipline of Material Science and Engineering, covering a first-level discipline and 3 second-level disciplines. Then, in 2012, it established the third postdoctoral research station in Mechanical Engineering, which covers a first-level discipline and 6 second-level disciplines. Two years later, it established the fourth postdoctoral research station in Instrument Science and Technology, which covers a first-level discipline and 2 second-level disciplines. As of May 2018, 32 postdoctoral researchers are engaged in their study at the stations. SUT sincerely welcome the arrival of new postdoctoral researchers both at home and abroad.


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