Student Campus Culture and Art Festival (Quality Development Section)

Student Campus Culture and Art Festival (Quality Development Section) is aimed at enriching the campus cultural life, improving the campus culture taste, fully developing the students' comprehensive quality, further exploring the campus culture talent, and constructing harmonious campus atmosphere through innovative and rich connotation and activities which masses of students enjoy. It also carries out the education in patriotism, thanksgiving, ideal and faith, love the school and integrity, and strengthens the construction of campus spiritual civilization, tamps the foundation of ideological and political education of college students, promotes all-round development of students in order to show students' good mental outlook in Shenyang University of Technology.


Through the campus cultural activities and the training of quality expansion, the Student Campus Culture and Art Festival advocates the advanced culture, improves the young college students’ art accomplishment, fully shows the college students' personality and elegant demeanor. The comprehensive training expands the quality of college students, cultivates and fosters new youth with noble ideals and fine morality.


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