Introduction of College Students' Summer social practice activities

College Students' social practice Summer activity is perennial constant work of Communist Youth League in Shenyang University of Technology, the school strictly obey the rules in accordance with the outlook of scientific development, guide students in close contact with the masses, theories contact actual, basic level thorough country and enterprise actively. Guiding ideology of understand the country by practice, use of knowledge and growth ability, and perform college students summer social practice.In the team work group organizing and applying process, at all levels, each student groups and active group applied enthusiastically. Preliminary reported the Communist Youth League of the college and initially evaluation by the college then reported to the the Communist Youth League of the University.


SUT Youth League on the preparations for a detailed, well-planned team and give as much as possible funding, make every effort to create the opportunity for students to participate in social practice. In activities to benefit by mutual discussion, meticulous planning, from set out actually, adhere to the" three rural areas " for masterstroke, positively educates and guides students to actively take part in socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, and give clear guidance in practical direction and content. Finally, after the first instance, determine the number of in the respondent’s process of further instruction, overall, the activity plan more perfect, more reasonable activity field, comprehensive co-ordinated program for a more complete, more comprehensive field of activities.


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