The University Hall

For further implementation and enforcement the "Document No. 16" spirit of the Central Committee of the CPC, strengthening of the ideological and political education of College Students, enrichment of students' ideological education activities both in form and the content, creation of a healthy growth of college students and a thick campus cultural atmosphere, strengthening of the humanistic quality of college students and the cultivation of the spirit of science and education, and providing overall services for college students' growth and development, the campus culture activities boutique “The University Hall”, carefully organized by Shenyang University of Technology Youth Corps Committee, has been with the students and teachers since March 2005 .


This Forum is held on a weekly basis, twenty-five sessions a year, and for four years. Musicians, scholars, successful entrepreneurs, and celebrities have come to school to deliver speeches. The University Hall's slogan is: in the four years of university life, letting you in extra-curricular activities to hear more than one hundred famous people’s instruction and inspiration, growing knowledge, developing field of vision and accumulating experience.


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