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Two laboratories of SUT approved the key laboratories in Liaoning province

Recently,Liaoning ProvincialDepartment ofScience and Technologyreleasedthe Key Laboratory Construction Plan of Liaoning Province in 2021.According to the plan,57provincialkey laboratorieshave beenapprovedin Liaoningprovince,includingSUT’s twolaboratories, namely: Liaoning ProvincialKey Laboratory ofCompositeMetal Nanomaterial andMagneticTechnology andLiaoningProvincialKey Laboratory ofLaserSurfaceEngineeringTechnology.Up to now,SUThashad35 scientific research platforms, including 1 national scientific research platform and 2 ministerialscientific research platforms. The approval of thesetwo key laboratories has further promoted theUniversity’sconstruction of high-level scientific research and innovation platforms.This alsoprovidesimportant support for improvingtheUniversity’sscientific research and innovation ability, itsopening andsharing,its ability of cultivatinghigh-level talents. Hence, itprovidesa strong support for the University’s“double first-class”construction.

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