The introduction of our university
Shenyang University of Technology (SUT), situated in Shenyang-a key modern city in the northeast, is an engineering oriented comprehensive university, with its subjects covering such seven areas, as engineering, science, economy, management, liberal arts, laws and philosophy. The predecessor Shenyang Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College founded in 1949 was renamed SUT in 1985,and it used to be affiliated with the State Ministry of Mechanical Industry. It was built by the central government and the local government since 1998, mainly managed by Liaoning Province.     detail>>
  The 11th ‘Futian Cup’ Liaoning Provincial Postgraduate Robot Competition was held at our university.  
  On October 25,2020,the 11th‘Futian Cup’ Liaoning Provincial Postgraduate Robot Competition, co-.....   more>>  
  • SUT Signs a Cooperation Agreement with Lipetsk State Technical University in ...
  • SUT’s Research Achievement on Magnetic Method for Internal Stress Damage Det...
      The 2nd Liaoning Provincial College Student Computer Game Competition was held at our university.  
      On October 24,2020,the 2nd Liaoning Provincial College Students Computer Competition was held at .....   more>>  
  • Call for Applications for the Liaoning Provincial Government Scholarship

  • We have received an announcement from the Department of Education of Liaoning Province that applications for the Liao.....   more>>
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